Jane Evans painting a warp at the loom

In 1993 I began making a landscape series called “Places of Peace.” These one-of-a-kind works combine painting, weaving, and embroidery for both visual and physical layers. The results are unique to the landscape and fine art traditions. For details see the Fiber Techniques  and Publications pages.


By 2007 I started making significantly larger pictures than the previous ones and that change in scale both allowed and required changes in some techniques. The newer pictures still began with warp painting (shown in progress above) which bestows a unique, soft quality to the painted images. The painted warps were woven with fine sewing threads. Then some of the pictures had additional embroidered threads added and some did not. On some there was added painting done after the piece was woven, using textile paints or watercolour pencils. As I experimented and refined methods my goal continued to be creating visual and physical layers that interpret the beautiful, intricate patterns and tranquil ambiance in nature.


In 2012 I stopped making the fiber-art landscapes and changed to acrylic painting and mixed-media pictures of the same topics. To view these go to the Paintings pages.


“Places of Peace”

These pictures are available for purchase by contacting Jane Evans via the Purchasing page. Several are, as noted, for sale at the Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting .

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