Book by the Artist      

A Joy Forever: Latvian Weaving, Traditional and Modified Uses (1991, Dos Tejedoras Publishing, St. Paul, MN, ISBN 0-932394-16-7 )

– In 2008 Jane Evans was awarded an Honorary Diploma by The Cultural Foundation of the World Federation of Free Latvians for writing A Joy Forever, Latvian Weaving; Traditional and Modified Uses. The award, which is the first one ever made in the Arts and Crafts catagory, recognizes significant contributions to Latvian cultural heritage.

A Joy Forever is a valuable reference about handwoven household textiles from pre-World War II in Latvia. Included are a history of handwoven Latvian household textiles, detailed survey of weave structures, contemporary projects, freeform split-shed weaving information, a double-harness weaving system, 50 color photos, 104 black-and-white photos, 41 illustrations, and 300 drafts. 178 pages, softbound, 8.5″ x 11″.

– “A really incredible book, a fantastic piece of work, a unique compilation of weave techniques and different ways of weaving them.” – review from Vav Magazine, Sweden

– “The work that the author is now producing is great testimony to the creativity unleashed by getting out of the North American thinking mode. In A Joy Forever, Evans generously serves up what she has uncovered to stimulate us.” – review by M. Kati Meek, Handwoven magazine.

– There is a printable Errata page available if you CLICK HERE.

– This book is no longer in print. A very limited number of copies are still available. See the PURCHASING page.

Articles by the Artist

Over 40 articles related to weaving have appeared since 1974 in the following publications: Handwoven; Weaver’s; Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot; The Weaver’s Journal; White Papers of Interweave Press; Complex Weavers’ Journal; Craft Factor; Guild of Canadian Weavers Bulletin; Heddle; Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Bulletin; Saskatchewan Journal of Education through Art

Specific content of selected articles:

                     Landscape Pictures:Weaver’s magazines: #33 (4-shaft technique of split-shed), #38 (warp-                              painting); Complex Weaver’s Journal, #86, February, 2008 (techniques for imagery)

Patchwork rug on four shafts

“Patchwork Rug” on four shafts

Quite Blooming rug made with 4 shaft split shed weaving

“Quite Blooming” Rug
4-shaft split-shed weaving
see Weaver’s #42

 Rug Weaves:Weaver’s magazines: #9 (4-tie draft), #11 (2-tie draft), #12 (split-shed), #22 (Patchwork), #23 (painted warp, 4-shaft pick-up), #42 (split-shed); Handwoven magazines: May/81 (2-tie draft), Summer/83 (warp-stuffer, shaft-switching), March/90 (shadow weave), Nov./93

(2-tie), Nov./01 (4-shaft pick-up); The Best of Weaver’s – Thick ‘n Thin, XRX Pub., 2001 – “Patchwork Rugs”; Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs, Heather Allen, Lark Books, 1998 – “Patchwork Jewels”

Miscellaneous Weaves:The Best of Weavers’ – Twill Thrills, XRX Pub., 2004 – “Composing Snowflakes”; 8, 12, 20 – An Introduction to Multi-shaft Weaving, Kathryn Wertenberger, 1988 – Tied Unit Weaves; Geometric Design in Weaving, Else Regensteiner, 1986 – Warp-faced Shadow Weave, Bound Weave; Complex Weavers’ Newsletter, #24, May, 1987 – “The ‘Tied Latvian’ Weave”

Split-shed Weaving:
Complex Weavers’ Journal: #62, January 2000 (6-shaft technique of split shed); Weaver’s magazines: #12 (4-shaft rugs), #31 (4-shaft twill damask fabric), #33 (4-shaft pictures), #38 (4-shaft pictures), #42 (4-shaft rugs); Handwoven magazines: Nov/93 (4-shaft rugs), May/00 (3-shaft Bronson lace fabric)

 Publications Including the Artist’s Work (selected)

Fiberarts Design Book Seven, Lark Books, 2003; The Best of Weavers’Twill Thrills, XRX Pub., 2004; The Best of Weaver’s – Thick ‘n Thin, XRX Pub., 2001; Fiberarts Design Book Six, Lark Books, 1999; Weaving Contemporary Rag Rugs, Heather Allen, 1998; 8, 12, 20 – An Introduction to Multi-shaft Weaving, Kathryn Wertenberger, 1988; Embroidery Canada, 9/95; Geometric Design in Weaving, Else Regensteiner, 1986

Publications about the Artist (selected)

Shuttle,Spindle & Dyepott 1/00, 7/86; Handwoven, 3/96; Western People, 7/93; Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Bulletin,6/92; Craft Factor, SK. Craft Council, Fall/02; Winter/92, Fall/91, Summer/86; Star-Phoenix Newspaper, Saskatoon, SK

Awards for A Joy Forever

2008 – Honorary Diploma to the author from The Cultural Foundation of the World Federation of Free Latvians, recognizing a significant contribution to Latvian cultural heritage

1992 – Merit Award for Best How-to Book, Midwest Independent Publishers’ Association, U.S.A.

– Merit Award for Best Book Design, Midwest Independent Publishers’ Association, U.S.A.

Book Reviews of A Joy Forever (selected)

Material History Review, Nat’l Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, ON, Fall/1992; Textile-Fibre Forum, Australia, nd; Vav, Sweden, 3/1992; Australijas Latvietis, Melbourne, Australia, nd; International Textile & Apparel Assoc. Newsletter, 6/1993; Handwoven, Loveland, CO,  5/1992; Laiks, Brooklyn, NY, nd; Craft Factor, Saskatchewan Craft Council, Winter/1992; Weaver’s #15, Sioux Falls, SD, 1992