The first gallery below displays monotypes. These are prints where acrylic paint is handpainted on a sheet of glass and then while still wet it is lifted off by pressing print-quality paper on it. Numerous lifted layers of paint make one, absolutely unique print. That image may also be accented with inks and pen work.

The paintings gallery below exhibits items made in “mixed media” of acrylics plus gels. Many are collages with the addition of oriental paper textures.

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Items are unframed unless framing is noted. Some items are NFS (not for sale) while I am building an exhibition.

Items for sale may be purchased by contacting Jane Evans through the  Order  page. 


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Monotype Gallery

Paintings and Collages Gallery

I make landscape pictures for the pleasure of exploring each natural, enveloping site through its textures, colours, organic forms, light, and shadows. The pictures are not so much traditional “landscapes” as they are “land-escapes.”

From 1971 until 2012 my public medium was fiber art, including a series of over 100 landscapes called “Places of Peace,” which combined painting, weaving, and embroidery. See the Fiber art  page. I also made drawings and paintings as preparatory work for the finished textile pieces.

In 2012 I moved from fiber art, which had incorporated paints, to painting with acrylic paints. The resulting landscapes still portray the intricate patterns and tranquil ambiance in nature. Acrylic gels and pastes often add perceptible surface textures. Recent mixed-media work incorporates textural effects from oriental papers that are collaged prior to adding paint.

In 2017 I returned to a favorite medium, printmaking, and now add monotypes (unique prints, which may be accented by ink or other means) to my work, also.


Paintings at Galleries  

The pieces below are available through the Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting(SKNAC) gallery.

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These are a few paintings or woven landscapes which are sold.

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