Errata page for “A Joy Forever”


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copyright 2007, Jane A. Evans

Due to limitations of my word processing program, I can not make the proper marks over some letters that were in error in the original printing. A very few have been noted in the list below, but most of those errors I have not added to this list. -JAE

page vi : first column, second paragraph, line 12, should read: Schmeiser…
page 3 : first column, line 4, should read attractive [no comma]
page 14 : 1.17. should read Twill …
page 37 : second column, second paragraph, second line from the end, should read … lights, or feathers were …
page 42 : 4.8 line three should read warp-faced repp. al-
page 43 : figures 4.12 and 4.13 should not have blank row of squares along bottom
page 60 : 4.65, line three should read cloth and napkins woven by Ansis Cirulis [horizontal long-i mark over i in Cirulis]
— second column, line seven should read … blanket from Limbazi, [mark over z not a in Limbazi]
page 65 : 5.1 should read … #101 in Ap
page 68 : first column, line 4 should read combined with plain weave to give an
page 71 : first column, line eight, should read … blocks present.
page 76 : 5.40 line three, should read … 1935; Zemgale,
— first column, fourth paragraph, line two, should read … and 5.51.
page 80 : first Iine should read … shafts’ blocks [no comma]
page 87 : paragraph three, line seven should read 10-shaft threading …
page 90 : 6.25 last sentence should read Some blocks are combined in the tie-up.
page 96 : first column, line 11 should read … units given in figure…
page 102 : column three, line three should read … jamtlandsdrall …[umlaut over the first and last a]
page 103: 6.59, draft should read from left to right as: the four warp ends indicated as A, then NO blank columns, the four warp ends indicated as B, then NO blank columns, the four warp ends indicated as C, then NO blank columns, the four warp ends indicated as D
—- column one, line eight should read jamtlandsdrall… [umlaut over the first and last a]
page 106 : last sentence under THREADING should read … warps.
— under WEAVING line one should read … fig. 6.66.
———– line two should read … as in fig. 6.66.
page 115 : column two, first paragraph, line seven should read Latvian. (See anecdotes pages vi and 3.)
page 116 : column three, paragraph two, line 14 should read … Twentieth-
page 117: 8.14, line two, should read … in Ma. Three …
page 124 : 9.4 draft has misplaced vertical line next to the notation 2X on right side, the vertical line should be one more square to right
page 125: 9.6 draft, there should be no empty columns, it should read: two marked columns as A, NO empty column, two marked columns as B, NO empty column, two marked columns as C, NO empty column, two marked columns as D
page 137: 12.A., first line should read … 69cm (27.25″) W;
page 141: 12.8, first line should read … Tied-Beiderwand tablecloth …
page 146: under DRAFTING, 3. line should read … a shadowing or binding warp, indicated …
page 158: 14.27 second line should read … represents the band where…
page 159: column one, paragraph two, line one should read Warp-faced/weft-faced weave. The
page 160: second paragraph, line one should read Weft-face weave. In …
page 162: second column, first paragraph, line seven should read (Meek, correspondence…
page 164: column two, paragraph four, line four should read America, or taquete in Becker, 1987, weaves …
page 168: paragraph three, lines one and two should read The “Starflowers” rug in Plate 44 and fig. 14.52 shows a …
—- 14.49, line five should read … when woven.
page 170: figures 14.58a and 14.58b have the photos reversed, they should be exchanged for each other
page 176: line one should read Petrovis, Ada. … June 1984.
—–new line two should read Pyysalo, Helvi. …1965.
page 177: second column, line two should read …effect in twill-tie, 153.
page 178: third column line, 22 should read Twill-tie weave 26, 117, 119, 153, 165-167.