The following links are to organizations or people that may interest you.


Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting (NAC)

Home of an informative Saskatchewan artists’ showcase, shop, auction site, and more.

Artists in Canada

Pages of Canadian artists’ sites, art works, art events, and comments.


Home of the Canadian Artists Representation, an organization of, by, and for artists in Canada.

Jane Kenyon

Works by one of today’s outstanding textile artists who has turned to  painting.

Kati Meek’s blog

Kati is a wonderful weaver and the author of two valuable books for weavers. Here is her blog and more.

Laura Fry

A personable, informative site for weaving education, materials, essays and more.

Deb McClintock

Rugs woven in split-shed techniques, plus much more wonderful work by a fine weaver.

Deborah Silver

Deborah weaves stunning, thought-provoking images. She is the author of the book, The Technique of Split-Shed Weaving, in which she beautifully presents and expands on the technique introduced earlier in some of my work.

Complex Weavers

A sharing, active, international group dedicated to promoting weaving.

The Saskatchewan Craft Council

The Saskatchewan Craft Council is one of the oldest and most active councils in Canada.